Top 10 SEO Blogs To Follow In 2019

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. Search engine optimization became a necessity for businesses long ago.

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To keep one updated, marketers need to follow some SEO blogs for the latest SEO news, best practices, and case studies. All this current information can be obtained from the best search engine optimization in the industry.

If you are looking for real SEO blogs ideas or best ways to handle it to rank your website you need to follow these below mentioned SEO blogs. Learning from a renowned industry about SEO is a great way to stay updated.

In this article, I have made a list of top 10 SEO Blogs to follow in 2019.

Search Engine Optimization Blogs

Here’s a list of top 10 SEO Blogs to follow in 2019:

1. Google Webmaster Official Site

Out of the numerous SEO blogs, Google Webmaster blogs are one of the most beneficial. It doesn’t have all the perks of commercial SEO suites and it is not a blog for any SEO need but it comes from Google itself and it offers lots of vital SEO insights. It is hardly difficult to guess from the name itself that Google Webmaster blogs are a set of blogs for Google – The master of all webs.

Google webmaster is a very useful toolset through its SEO blogs which enables you to interact with Google directly and adjust many aspects of how Google sees your site, such as list the external links and internal links to your site, adjust the crawl rate by the page rank by which Google bot indexes your website, check the keywords users typed to land on your website, as well as the click-through rate for each keyword, see your site’s statistics, and many more.

2. Searchenginejournal

SEJ launched in 2003. SEJ is unique in its community-based approach to search marketing content. Virtually all of our contributed articles come from real Marketing experts, both independent and in-house.

It’s an Educating and empowering SEO community that provides the freshest news and latest best practices through SEO blogs via the industry’s smartest practitioners.


The Search Engine Roundtable has won various awards over the years. It is the most useful SEO blogs to follow in 2019 as the goal behind the Search Engine Roundtable is to report on the most compelling threads taking place at the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) discussions. The purpose of the SEO blogs of SEO Roundtable is to provide a single expert for the reader to visit and locate the most interesting threads covered at the SEM forums. Which will help to save valuable time clicking through the forum threads to find the authentic treasures?

Most people are active in one or two forums -which allows for comparative advantage so that they can participate with major forums through this SEO blog.

4. Aleydasolis

Aleydasolis is an award-winning International SEO Consultant –service. Through her SEO blogs she helps to establish and optimize your Websites & App organic search visibility, traffic, and conversions; maximizing their results with SEO audits, strategy, project management, and SEO training.

Through her SEO blogs to follow in 2019, one can understand how she provides personalized & strategical SEO advice, training, and on-going support through her boutique SEO consultancy Orainti. How she accommodates from multinationals to start-ups across the world in competing businesses & complicated environments expecting a highly personalized, in-depth & scalable approach towards organic search growth.

5. Deep Crawl Blog 

DeepCrawl is now universally known as the world’s most comprehensive website crawler. Assisting thousands of highly respected SEOs based in over 50 countries, the DeepCrawl universe is rapidly expanding. Following SEO blogs in 2019 will help you employing best practices and creating technically sound website architecture so that your site will be easy to navigate for both users and search engines. It also ensures about your site whether optimized for organic rankings. There’s no point having a renowned content or link building strategy if you haven’t got the basics precise.

6. Stone temple

ST is an Award-winning results-driven digital marketing agency. The SEO Blogs of ST is like where Geeky Meets artistic, where you can get creative and artistic points for your website to succeed in your business. They provide their own array of ahead-of-the-industry tools that provide clients with a competitive edge.

There recording and analytics measure achievement and identify areas for improvement of the industry. They spark further research, resulting in an updated strategy and action plan of the industry or their clients. They leverage in-depth business expertise and with their established tools they drive success.

7.Iq SEO

Andy Drinkwater is an independent SEO consultant with more than 19 years of practical SEO experience effective with clients of all sizes and in a broad range of disciplines. He offers his technical SEO consultancy services through iQ SEO Ltd, to clients Worldwide and across a broad range of niches, including PLC’s, eCommerce and ‘mega-sites’.

Through SEO blogs of iQ SEO Ltd, you can learn how to create a solid SEO strategy that not only works now, but that will continue to work in the future. His recommendations are based on sustainable techniques that Google has always advocated. To have a strategy like him for your business in the future do follow his SEO blogs.

8. Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is a multinational company with origins in Ukraine and headquarters in Singapore. They are a strong start-up company, who relishes advancing essential and easy-to-use products. They change things fast to give their customers what matters most to them, and to keep them ahead of the best tools and data which worth nothing if you don’t know how to use them. Through their SEO blogs and academy tutorials, one can learn more about Ahrefs and get better at digital marketing in 2019.

9. MOZ Blog

MOZ was endowed by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004. It was termed SEOmoz and started as a blog and an online association. At MOZ, they consider there is a real way to do marketing, a more valuable & less invasive way where customers are earned rather than hired. You should follow SEO blogs in 2109 to focus on search engine optimization (SEO), the least experienced & least apparent aspects of great marketing but has an opportunity to rank one website.

With the help of MOZ SEO blogs, you will know about the industry’s top authorities, doctors, and other specialists that offer their best opinion, analysis, how-tos, and insights—all in the name of serving you level-up your SEO and online marketing skills.

10. Seobythesea 

The SEO by the Sea blog was originally started in 2005 to inform people about a grassroots group of people interested in internet marketing and search engines.

The SEO by the Sea blogs nourishes to learn from information directly from the search engines such as copyright filings and whitepapers, to Uncover some of the premises and methods behind how search engines work, Keeping an eye on how search engines rank web pages and Ascertain whether the search engines might have some surprises for us in the future. Though SEO by the Sea provides SEO blogs services, which helps the readers to make it easier for sites to be found on the Web, and easier for those sites to be used once they’ve been found.

Bonus Material

official YouTube channel for Google Webmasters, where you can find information and tools to help you understand and improve your site in Google Search.

SEO can be petty of a black receptacle and it isn’t always natural for SEOs and developers to work together and speak the same language. In this bonus material, Martin Splitt from the WTA team and members of the developer and SEO communities chat about topics around technical SEO especially about Java to resolve current misconceptions and answer common questions.

They are looking foremost to more advanced topics such as SEO & Googlebot, SEO & JavaScript, SEO & Web Performance, SEO & Web Frameworks, and SEO & Future of the Web.


RoundChillies encompass engaging and informative content around digital marketing blog, search engine optimization (SEO) blogs, social media marketing and many more!

Interestingly, the search engine optimization section has more than 100 SEO blogs related to various areas of search engine optimization. This includes blogs on how to do an SEO audit, SEO off-page plans, social bookmarking plans, best tips for each SEO audit as well as how to rank in the SERPs and measure results. Basically, everything a newbie requires is covered by them for ranking a website.

I am sure the SEO blog sites covered in this roundup will definitely interest you and if you follow some of these sincerely and apply the same in practice, you will surely see the great results for yourself. It is all about the right application.

How did you find this list of top 10 SEO blogs to follow in 2019? Which out of these did you find the best SEO blogs to follow? Let me know about this.

In case you have any queries in general about SEO, you may ask in the comments section below

Top 10 SEO Blogs To Follow In 2019

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