The glitter of the cinematic world had always been stardust in the eyes of the common people. Celebrities had always seemed larger than life, somewhat exotic and out of the common reach. Fame and fortune had been their pillars since ages. However the digital age has a role in bringing them to our vicinity, so much so that they now seem humane enough. The free-flowing extent of the media gives access to almost every private detail of their lives. As a result, their flaws are exposed as easily as their strengths.

Sheer fame and fortune thus are not enough for them. The marketing landscape for the seasoned as well as the young celebrities has undergone an immense change. Televisions have been replaced with smart phones taking the centre stage. It is an era of extreme media and advertising saturation where celebrities need to be both organically and digitally accountable and available. A burning example of such a celeb is Twinkle Khanna, a former actress, who now is a newspaper columnist and the author of two books which have received extreme popularity from the audience. Her regular blog posts and hilarious tweets, underlined with a tinge of sarcasm, have made her a household name in recent years.

Twinkle Khanna Tweets

The idea of social media as a powerful tool for celebrity endorsements and marketing isn’t a new one. However the techniques implemented to achieve this aim have evolved and are radically different from their predecessors. Social media platforms are used to endorse the celebrities in a unique way. Fans and followers moreover, have self selected i.e. any endorsement reaches a uniquely primed, targeted and engaged audience. A powerful hub is thus formed who actively spreads the content throughout their own networks. Responses are garnered properly, thereby increasing the popularity of the celebs. The audience has thus become more powerful in shaping up the celebs’ image. Ellen Lee DeGeneres, popular stand-up comedian, actress is one such celeb who is loved for her superb sense of humour. Her TV talk show- THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW has been going strong since 2003.

Ellen Lee DeGeneres Twitter Account

Brands have now realized the power of harnessing such icons’ personal network and influences. Thus it becomes a win-win situation for both the brand and the celebrity. The legendary actor, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is one such icon of power. Being a seasoned actor he is every bit as active, if not more, as the younger breed of celebs. His blogs send out strong messages, breaking stereotypes, addressing and knocking the readers to the core of their consciousness.

Brands also tap into the insights of the people, the real crowd, which helps them in evaluating the online value of the celebs with great clarity. Brand loyalty also depends upon two tenets- niche and notoriety. While most carve a niche using the traditional methods of social media marketing, many celebs carve a niche for themselves, through their notoriety. Anurag Kashyap is one such celeb who had garnered the wrath of many, for his controversial movies and of course, his tweets- the latest being directed at the PM himself.

Hence maintaining their social image can be extremely tricky for the celebs in this digital age. One must tread safely and diplomatically to maintain their poise in the world of the glitterati. It is literally quicksand and one small misstep can engulf them into darkness forever.replica Submariner


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