FAUG game launch: ‘India’s PUBG’ got downloaded faster than gunshots

Ever since the government imposed a ban on the popular mobile game PUBG, India had been eagerly awaiting the launch of its very own war game, FAUG. And boom! The nation got this super cool gift on the occasion of the 72nd Republic day, what can be better? Well, what is actually even better is the amount of popularity the FAUG game has received since the launch of its first episode just about 24 hours back. According to reports, the game has already been downloaded a whopping 2 million times!

The FAUG game, whose full name is Fearless and United Guards, had initially been set to release in October last year. However, it got postponed to January this year. The excitement about the FAUG game further increased when it got promoted by Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, our very own action hero. Also, this game is a part of the government’s Make in India campaign.

About the game

The FAUG game, developed by Studio nCore, was created with the aim to celebrate the heroic deeds of the India armed forces. The story of the military game is based on real-life scenarios that the Indian army faces while battling both domestic and foreign sources. The first episode of the game is set in the backdrop of the Galwan valley. Following the original circumstances where no guns can be used, this initial episode features only hand-to-hand combat experience with some specialized weapons. The game has been released in what nCore refers to as the story mode with only single player facility. However, the later versions will come with multiplayer and battle royal mode updates. As of now, FAUG is only available in the android version via Google Play Store.

FAUG vs PUBG: the main differences

Game mode: PUBG had gained popularity with its battle royal mode where a player can either play as a team or as an individual. But FAUG has now only been launched with a single-player campaign mode. However, nCore says that the future versions are going to come with the multiplayer and battle royal modes.

Combat style: this is one of the main differences between the 2 games. Since it is based on real-life scenarios, FAUG features only hand-to-hand combat with some specialized weapons like spiked bats and axes. On the other hand, PUBG is a full-on shooting game. (Fact: due to bilateral agreement between India and China, usage of guns during combats between the two armies are prohibited in the Galwan valley.)

Location: as we mentioned earlier, FAUG has been set in the real-life background of Galwan valley, the disputed area between India and China. But since PUBG has no real storyline, hence the game has purely fictional backdrops.

What has been the review so far?

With a record-setting number of downloads and ratings given by users, the FAUG game already has a rating of 4.6 stars on Play Store. The game has mostly received praises with most users giving it a 5 star rating. However, some were unsatisfied enough to even give the game a rating of 1 star. Even among the appreciation, users have stressed upon some points like the need for better graphics, having fewer features and some glitches in the map. Whereas others are optimistic that since this is only the first episode of the game, it still has a long way to go and the later updates will definitely be much more improved. In reply to the reviews, nCore has assured users to fix the glitches and improve their experience. But, like about every other incident these days, social media has been flooded with memes about the game and some of them are pretty hilarious where netizens have expressed how the reality of the game nowhere matched up to their expectations. However, others have happily welcomed the game too.

FAUG game launch: ‘India’s PUBG’ got downloaded faster than gunshots

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