Digital On-boarding

Digital Marketing in India is still an un-tapped area for many businesses. Though most corporates and SMBs already have a website and social media pages, there are still many small businesses who have not yet taken the plunge. Many are still afraid to on-board. We blame it on the lack of trust and in-genuine services that exist in the market. RoundChillies has a collaborative experience of more than 20 years in Digital Marketing, and have worked with partners from different strata of businesses. Some already had started Digital but could not plan the long-term future while many had no idea what to do.


Ask these questions to yourself:

  1. Do you have a website?
  2. Do you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn Company Page, or YouTube channel?
  3. Does your customer have a Social media account?
  4. Does your customer spend a major portion of their day online?
  5. Does your competitor have a website and other social media pages?
  6. Do you think you can gain more business if you are online?


Most probably you have answered an YES to all the above questions. But, you are not sure how to go ahead or do not have the resources or people to do it for you. This is where RoundChillies comes in. We will analyse your entire business and craft a full-fledged digital plan for you to on-board. This starts from creating a website, writing content for the website, doing SEO for the site so that your website starts showing up in search results for targeted keywords, social media account creations, regular posting, online ads, etc. etc. We will continue analysing our efforts on regular basis so that you can see a continuous growth.

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