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A country of farmers: the nation divided, the world united

They aren’t terrorists, they aren’t threatening foreign forces, they aren’t even armed criminals. But the government of a nation which is literally dependent on agriculture decided to put up barricades, construct walls and line the borders of its capital city with spikes and barbed wire to keep them out. Surprising much? Shocking what the farmers, […]

FAUG game launch: ‘India’s PUBG’ got downloaded faster than gunshots

Ever since the government imposed a ban on the popular mobile game PUBG, India had been eagerly awaiting the launch of its very own war game, FAUG. And boom! The nation got this super cool gift on the occasion of the 72nd Republic day, what can be better? Well, what is actually even better is […]

Here’s a snappy once-over of the new Gmail

Gmail’s new look causes you accomplish more. Tap on connections—like photographs—without opening or looking through extensive discussions. It utilizes the new nap catch to put off messages that you can’t get the chance to the present moment or effectively get to different applications. It helps to utilize on a regular basis similar to Google Calendar, […]


Digital Marketing has made marketing quite easier than the traditional form of marketing. It has literally brought the world to our doorsteps. Marketing has been revolutionised with its advent. However it’s not as easy as it looks. To do proper digital marketing in this cut-throat competitive world a few how-to and to-do’s lists are absolutely […]

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