Shutting Down and Transitioning to Firebase Dynamic Link

Google launched the URL shortener back in 2009 for shortening as a way to help people share link more easily and measure traffic online. Since then many popular URL shortening services have emerged.  The way people find content online has also changed a lot on IOS, Android or web format. To refocus, google soon turning […]

Facebook Notifying People That Their information was Obtained Improperly

Facebook started notifying millions of people that were affected by the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal. Sent out a notification that was telling people to remove the apps they don’t use anymore. Almost 87 million Facebook user has their data stolen and obtained improperly and it has taken Facebook nearly 3 years to notify all the […]

Google is finally enabling “More Result” button instead of separate pages

Google is finally using a “more result” button on mobile search. Instead of pagination that separate page numbers google will now have a “More Result” button below to load more content. As some user tweeted asking about the more result button Danny Sullivan confirmed it by tweeting back “We’ve been testing that and trying it […]

Chrome will Mark All HTTP Site as “Not Secure” From July With The Release of Chrome 68

Google announced that with the release of Chrome 68 in July, all HTTP sites will be marked as “Not Secure” in the URL bar. This will look like the following – Earlier in 2016 Google started showing “Not Secure” for the pages that require user data. That means if a page has login form or […]

Google added “SEO Audit” category to Lighthouse Chrome Extension

The most popular website auditing tool Lighthouse has now added “SEO Audit” category in addition to Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility and Best Practices. This SEO Audit tool will help developers and webmasters to get an SEO health report of a webpage so that they can improve the webpage’s performance. You need to install the Lighthouse chrome extension first. Click on the “option” button […]

New Advertising Method in Twitter, In-Stream Sponsored Feature in Moments

Twitter moments is very popular today. People are consuming more moments from top publishers, mostly moments about sports, entertainment and news category. Twitter announced that advertisers can now sponsor their own moment in relevant publisher’s  moment. It is a privilege for brands to reach more people in a new way. This feature is now available globally. Following […]

Eligibility requirement for YouTube Partner Program has changed

YouTube has changed their Partner Program polices recently. Now if you want to monetize your YouTube channel, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watchtime during the past 12 months. YouTube wants those creators who positively contribute to the community. They will roll out the new policy to existing channels on February […]

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