Instagram Rolls Out Option to ‘Pause All’ Notifications

It is always a brilliant idea to have the ability to control how notifications are received when using the social media. The Facebook-owned app ‘Instagram’ is rolling out a ‘Pause all’ option. This will enable users to stop any and all notifications from the app for a chosen period of time. The option is available to all […]

Facebook is Changing How it Measures Ad Relevance

Facebook is updating its ad reporting by replacing the single relevance score with three new relevance metrics. Some lesser used metrics will be removed from Facebook’s ad reporting. Facebook’s ad relevance score measures how effective an ad was when it reached the intended audience. The three new metrices will be: 1.Quality ranking: An ad’s perceived […]

YouTube to Fact-Check Certain Types of Searches

YouTube is testing a fake content monitoring feature in India that pops up a “fact check” alert on searches for sensitive content. The fact check panels will automatically debunk false claims by pulling information from those third-party sites. The feature will also highlight additional information on the subject from verified fact-checking partners of the platform. […]

Twitter’s New Insights Tool Shows the Best Time to Publish Tweets

Twitter has launched a new insights tool which determines the best day and time to publish tweets based on user engagement. ‘Timing is Everything’, a tool which took months to build provide users with more actionable data, specifically focusing on video tweets. It displays historical data showing the engagement of audience on Twitter with a video. The […]

Instagram is Working on a New Ad Unit for Sponsored Posts

Instagram Ads: Instagram is all set to roll out a new ad format for sponsored posts published by influencers. The new format is reported to be called a “branded content ad,” and is part of a large strategy created to build formal partnerships between brands and creators. Brands can sponsor popular Instagram users and sponsored […]

Facebook Announces New Themed Stickers and Frames for Women’s Day

Facebook has announced a new set of themed stickers and frames for Women’s Day in March. The new stickers will be available to add to Facebook Stories, enabling users to show their support for the event in a creative and engaging way. The themed tie-ins serve a dual purpose, enabling the platforms to show support for relevant events […]

Twitter is working on a feature that lets you hide replies to your tweets

Twitter hides comments:Twitter is working on a tweet moderation feature that would let users hide replies to their tweets. The feature is being designed to give users more control over the conversations around their tweets. Other users would then be able to click a “View Hidden Tweets” tool to look at the concealed tweets. So, […]

Instagram Tests ‘Donation’ Sticker in Stories

The Facebook owned photo and messaging social app, Instagram, is reportedly testing a donation sticker on Stories as a fundraising tool for organizations and personal causes. Instagram Stories recently hit a milestone of 500 million daily active users, so it will be a promising option for nonprofits or any other organization with a heavy focus on fundraising. For nonprofit organizations with […]

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